Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentines Weekend

i hope you all had a great valentines weekend, we definitely did!  john and i took a ride to half moon bay for, what was initially supposed to be the day, however turned into just lunch.  we are so incredibly indecisive when it comes to trips.  we originally planned to go to lodi's wine and chocolate festival but once the morning rolled around we talked about going to sf, yosemite, or big sur.  we decided on big sur and to take the dogs with us but as we got in the car we then changed our minds to half moon bay.  yes, we are this indecisive.  to be honest, i think we would have been happy going anywhere as long as we got to spend time together.  
i laugh because we never do anything that isn't work.  we always seem to add work onto something that could be easy and fun... for instance, taking our dogs.  our dogs are great, don't get me wrong.  however, they (bailey) leave my car full of dog hair and slobber and i always swear that when i take them somewhere, it is the last time.  
bailey likes to howl at dogs and kids in other cars, which always cracks us up.  but when she is face to face with a dog she isn't as tough.  on the other hand, bella can be so aggressive towards other dogs and of course every single person in half moon bay had a dog with them.  i tried my very best not to let it make me grumpy as she yanked me around, however i had a few moments.  its funny how the littlest things can make you grumpy... or maybe its just me.  bella was barking and pulling me and the wind was so crazy that my hair was in my face and i am trying to hold on to her and scold her although i can't even see because i have hair in my eyes.... this kind of thing.  i'm sure it was incredibly entertaining to watch. 

once we got to half moon bay we realized that, since we had the dogs, we were going to have to order lunch somewhere and eat it on the beach.  luckily we found a super cool walk up cafe and an empty table... what?!?.  we weren't the only ones with this idea, though.  we waited in line for about an hour to order our food.  let me just tell you... it was totally worth it!  john got an amazing crab sandwich and i ordered fish and chips.  our eyes were much larger than our stomachs because we also decided to get clam chowder to share but ended up only being able to eat a few bites. bailey helped us out though.  you can always count on her to help eat, when needed.  or even when you don't want her to.  her latest trick was to open a child proof container and eat an entire bottle of gummy prenatal vitamins.  yes, this is our day to day life with her.  john and i joked about how she better not get pregnant before i do.  that is pretty much a running joke with us.  if someone on tv is about to get pregnant i always say, "i swear, if she gets pregnant before i do.....!"  don't worry, i only say this about fictional characters, not really people. ;)

it was virtually impossible to get us all in one photo.  bailey was too concerned about our food and bella was too concerned with protecting us from the tiny dog across the street.  

my always working handsome valentine and our begging and slobbery bailey

we decided to head back after lunch since it took us so long to order and because it was so hard with the dogs there.  but, all in all it was a really good day and it's always nice to get away.  john and i were definitely twinning this day.  we had matching jackets, both of us were wearing our ray bans, and we also had on these really rad shirts that my sister got us for christmas.  just incase people didn't already know our professions. ;)

then we got to come home to this!  baby ryan came home on saturday and i am so in love!  i am so excited to have her as my new roomie until their house is done being built.  i am going to get in all the snuggles that i can.  we have a lot of meme and ryan time to catch up on!

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